As of July 2020 I am a postdoc at ETH Z├╝rich, Computational Social Science group. I did a PhD at Imperial College London, Centre for Complexity Science and Theoretical Physics Group. Before that, I studied Theoretical Physics at the University of Glasgow. Broadly, my research is on theoretical and applied aspects of complex systems. The topics range from topology and complex networks to dynamical systems and information theory. Recently, I also got interested in deep learning and its applications for complex systems. I am particularly interested in applications of complex systems to the study of the living world.

This website contains various bits and pieces of my work, things I have recently found interesting and exciting.

During my study years, I have become very fond of mountains. demo (This is me with Ben Nevis in the distance, circa 2018). For the last two years, I have been exploring the beautiful Swiss alps together with my dog, Nevis. You can find some photos of our adventures under the section Fun (just for fun).